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The Best Pedal Cars

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Looking to bring a bit of your childhood to a kid you love? Introducing them to a pedal car is a great idea.  



Why Should I Buy A Pedal Car For My Kid?

Pedal Power!   Pedal cars for kids aren't only toys; they are treasured childhood companions that enhance imaginations and dreams of independence.  Having these experiments is so important for a growing healthy child.

Watch as your little one pedals for hours around your play area in their very stylish classic or trendy pedal car!  Our choices feature great designs (and plenty of stickers!) has a unique pedal car idea for every child.

These pedal cars are fun to ride on and not only brighten the eyes of people that are lucky to receive them - but they are designed to last for generations and are sure to create memories that will last decades.

Remember - pedal cars are best suited for kids able to push the pedals on their own. Usually this means your child should be 24 months old before getting them on one.  

What Are The Health Benefits For Kids Using Pedal Cars?

As parents we support them as they grow old and will, of course, provide our children love that is unconditional, but the children may not know our decisions and reasons.  However, as parents we know it's intelligent to promote a lifestyle that is healthy.

Childhood obesity is among those subjects every parent is currently talking about.  Children are spending more and more time in front of the TV or computer, eating foods and refusing to take part.

Pedal cars for kids may be just the thing you will need to break this pattern and present your children once, again, to the marvels of the"outside world."  These cars are constructed for the children and will not help them engage in outdoor activity, but will also foster the growth of your child'motor skills and coordination.

Most cars feature steering wheels and adjustable pedals, LED lights and frames, all to give your child loads of fun and the driving experience.

Bear in mind that some automobiles in our list of choices include metal frames that have some mass, so driving will guarantee a fantastic workout.

Which Model Is The Right One?

We provide a number of versions of pedal powered cars because we know how hard it's to discover a toy that your child will fall in love with. Whichever model you choose to choose, you can be certain that you are receiving high quality toys.  Some of our partners include free shipping, so that's a bonus too!

You'll find on our list:

  • Collectible pedal cars
  • Pedal go karts
  • Regular pedal tractor as well as a tractor with dump bucket
  • Reproductions and classic models
  • Trains, fire trucks for toddlers and airplanes
  • Ferrari and Lamborghini cars and much more

Have a look for yourself, and make your selection. Know that you're not buying a toy that is simple, you are giving your kids a chance to create and you can't put a price on that!


How rust-resistant are metal pedal car toys?

Metal pedal cars can rust but it's unlikely to happen to a new car.  Rust happens as the metal oxidizes - that usually takes place if the car is left out in the rain or snow AND it has a damaged pain layer.  It doesn't happen immediately either.

To make sure your toy can be enjoyed for years to come - keep them stored overnight in a garage or shed so they are protected from the elements.  Also occasionally check to see if the paint has been scratched or is chipped.  If so, you can apply a touch up coat to help protect your car for the long term.

What's the difference between a pedal car and a push car for kids?

A push car is generally geared to younger toddlers where a pedal car is made for children ready to move around on their own.  Parents or siblings provide the power to move a push car (hence the word "push" in the name), where pedal cars are propelled by kid-power.  

There's no set age when a push car gives way to a push one - you'll know when the time has come from your own child when they are looking for that independence.  

My kid likes to play hard.  Are these cars repairable by parents if a child damages them?

Most pedal cars are sturdy, made of durable metal frames.  Remember, we are dealing with young children here - they won't be going all that fast on their own power.  So most likely any damage your kid does to the car can be fixed with tools found around the house, or some paint.

You might need to replace the inner tubes on the tires - they do wear out over time.  

What's the difference between a big wheel and a pedal car?

A Big Wheel has a large wheel in the front with two smaller wheels in the back.  A pedal car usually has wheels all of the same size.  Pedal cars usually look like cars where a Big Wheel has it's own distinct shape.

They both are fun, but they have their differences.