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About Us

Ah - childhood! If it's like it is supposed to be, it will entail three important components: playing, plenty of toys,and outside time.

That's what drives us at - it's why we review toys, write about drama, and discuss a huge amount of fun activities for kids. is a reliable and down-to-earth resource for parents who insist on lasting childhood memories and producing quality minutes.

We believe in keeping things simple, and unplugging each day, but we are not afraid of technology. We're far from it! At, we love what technology can bring to the table. It is just that we think it ought to be balanced with heaps of role playing and plenty of unstructured play.

In the wired culture of today, children get more than enough screen time and not outdoor time in the sun.

We owe it to them - our kids and the future - to make sure they can reconnect with each other and nature.

Who IS For?

We get it - life is jammed packed and busy. You want to make great memories for your children, but sometimes life just gets in the way. You also know that someone (or something) is shaping your children even when you aren't around. is here for lively parents that want their children to experience the joys of youth, but can't find that time time to make it happen.

Run by parents that think like you, we are here as a resource that is fast which you can dip into. Whether you would like ideas for play, rules for games, or suggestions and guidance on amazing toys (both classic and contemporary ), we've got your back!

WHY YOU SHOULD TRUST is run by parents, for parents.

We write-about stuff, both psychological and physical, that we need in our children's lives. If we think it will help out others in the same boat - well, we're going to post it!

When we write about a subject or review a product, we can spend up to 40 hours researching, discussing, and exploring.  We take however long it takes because we know you are trusting us to help your kids. That's not something we take lightly.

How We Make Money

To be honest, we don't make much.  We're not in this for the money - or if we were, we're really bad at it!  But we do try to pay our server bills thorough participation in affiliate programs.  

This means if you buy a product that we have linked to from our site, we may be compensated a few percent on the sale of that purchase.  There's no increase in the price to you - but it does help keep the lights on. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, .ca, and

If you feel this is a conflict of interest - you may be right.  However, we use Amazon specifically because they sell almost EVERYTHING.  That way, wedon't need to look at Amazon before reviewing - it's likely to be sold there.

You will also notice there are times we recommend toys that aren't available at Amazon - or sometimes online at all.  That's because we care first and foremost about helping you make the most of your time with your children.